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History Archive Task Force



In January, Todd Grooten, Jim Smith, and Sherry Nagel-Smith attended a seminar given by the Indiana Historical Society on the preservation of church material.

In February Todd, Jim, and Sherry started “cleaning out” the “vault” closet in the basement of the church. Items in the vault that were earmarked for a more intense examination by our Archives Committee were moved to the fourth floor hallway with the items salvaged from the water leak in the basement. Over the course of the next several months the items that remain in the “vault” and in the closet in the History Room and on the fourth floor will be sorted and examined, after which a general inventory will be developed. The committee members are certain that there will be items that are irrelevant to the archives of the church or so severely damaged by the water or mold that they will need to be discarded.

Bill Glass has consulted with the Coordinator of Archives and Special Collections, DePauw University, and obtained their protocol for saving items and where they should be stored. DePauw handles the archives of the Methodist conference. Currently, Bill, Nora, Todd, Jim, and Sherry are reviewing the “Guidelines for Managing Records of the Local Church” to learn about the standards. All of them are reading and studying the work of Andy Kerr on his history of Roberts Park Church from 1821-1982 in order to get a general idea of important events in the church and develop a timeline for our 2021 celebration.
The Governing Board has allotted a secure room for the temporary storage of the records and to use as a workroom. A computer and computer program will be purchased for the inventory. Anyone who would like to join our committee is more than welcome. Please contact the church office.

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