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The Storms of Life – July 12, 2017

As I watched the news yesterday I could hardly believe what I was seeing! Streets in and around the metro area and throughout other parts of Indiana that looked like rivers, cars half submerged under bridges, basements having to be pumped out and the fire service called in to rescue people from flooded properties. Friends on Facebook showing their roads with cars that were trapped by flood waters preventing them from returning home and fields that resemble lakes! It was as if a monsoon had hit the area, the sump pump in the houses where we live are running every few seconds it seems! I pray that you managed to stay dry and safe. Yet this morning, as I drove downtown to the church the fields were no longer underwater; the streets that were flooded had little or no water standing on them, the gullies at the side of the road no more than a trickle! There were no emergency service vehicles to be seen and no tow trucks pulling cars out of ditches or flood waters.

How often have you felt caught up in the storms of life, what appears to be a massive wave of water beating you down and threatening to drag you away in the rush of the torrent or tide? Like the Psalmist we might cry out, ‘God rescue me, for the waters have risen to my neck. I sink in a deep swamp, where I can feel no footing; I have slipped into deep waters, and the flood engulfs me.’ (Ps 69:1) The Psalmist recalls better days and wondering why God doesn’t seem to help? Yet, just as certainly as high waters subside to no water and dry places rise in floods, so it will be for you. After the storm there is a sense of peace and calm, after anguish in your life a sense of peace, after sorrow, joy. We may not see it at the time of course for we are focused on the immediate problem or danger, there may seemingly be no prospect of respite or any sign that things will change, but God will always be there with us, holding our head above the water until, in the fullness of his time, the waters recede. Do you feel overwhelmed by the trials and troubles of life just now? Have you the faith to trust in God, confident that the floods waters you may be experiencing will recede? Again the psalmist reminds us that, ‘[God] stretched down from on high and took hold of me, lifting me out of the seething waters. (Ps 18:6)

Perhaps this could be your prayer this week? Lord Jesus Christ, when the waters rage and threaten to engulf me, support, strengthen and keep me safe, until the waters recede and the sun shines once more. Amen.

Shalom to you my friend,

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