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Tweeting the Lord’s Prayer

Two years ago, Twitter doubled the number of characters for a tweet from 140 to 280. A variety of different tweeters used it as an opportunity to share the Lord’s Prayer. Some used the prayer in its original form and others put the prayer into their own words. Some took the action words in the prayer like give, forgive, lead, and deliver as a model to guide the day. They then tweeted each time they had an opportunity to share in the action. For international Emoji day, The Archbishop of Canterbury found a way to share the prayer in a way the world today could truly understand.  It looked something like this…

Our ?‍?‍?, who art in ☁,

? be thy name;

thy ?? come;

thy ?? be done;

on ? as it is in ☁.

Give us this ? our daily ?.

And forgive us our ?,

as we forgive those who ? against us.

And ? us not into ?;

but deliver us from ?.

For thine is the ??,

the ?? and the ??,

for ever and ever.


As I reflect on Jesus teaching His disciples to pray, something tells me He would be supportive of this 21st century prayer model.  He makes it clear prayer is not a matter of being verbose, but instead taking the time to make a connection with God and sharing in the conversation.  Jesus tells us that even before we ask God, God knows our need.  Prayer opens the door for the conversation. It is the thought rather than the words that matters most to God.  Words have their place of course, but we should never get hung up on them. All around the world, people are hungry for hope. And God’s Word is as relevant, meaningful, and powerful today as it has been for thousands of years. Jesus taught His disciples a simple model for how they could reach out to God every day. Today we have lots of opportunities to do just that. May you share in the conversation with God today and keep the conversation going with those around you. #thelordsprayer

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