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When Will We Meet Again?

With Governor Holcomb setting out some guidance on the State opening-up again, the ‘When Will We Meet Again in the Roberts Park building?’ is a pertinent one. Some of you may have seen Mayor Joe Hogsett say he too longs to be back in the building, especially on Mother’s day, but we need to wait a little longer. Bishop Trimble sent out this video yesterday saying he feels that June 16th is the earliest we should consider opening our buildings.
At Roberts Park, we have been aware of our context and regular attenders and think that we would be better waiting a little longer. IF all goes well with the opening up of the State and Marion County, in particular, we will look to hold our first ‘in-person’ service on July 5th at 10.30 am only. We will be offering guidance on how we will do that and what you might expect. We may not be singing hymns at that stage, but we will have communion, although in a different way to our regular pattern. We also may not have coffee and cookies after the service.
We will be giving more updates in the coming weeks.
Pastor Andrew

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