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Heritage Sunday 2019

November 3rd is our ‘Heritage Sunday’ this year and the final Sunday of the stewardship program, All Saints Sunday and receiving new members into the church. This is the day when we also want to honor those who have been members of Roberts Park for 50 years or more. Roberts Park is fortunate to have […]

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You have surely heard news of wildfires in the Amazon, but a recent CNN article reported that there are 50 different wildfires burning in 12 different states in the US. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, Alaska is battling eight wildfires; Texas 7; Arizona and Idaho six each; Montana and Utah five each; Oregon […]

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Why Lord? Why O Why!

Even as the bodies of what we now know to be twenty-two dead or dying lay on the floor of a Walmart in El Paso, their names not yet know to the broader community, the police going about their harrowing duty of processing the crime scene as first responders care for 26 wounded. Even as […]

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