Lenten Study 2020: Discipleship – The Roberts Park Path

Lent has begun and Roberts Park is taking time to consider what it means to be a disciple of Jesus during these 40 days of spiritual preparation. Lent is like a short sprint in a long walk through the Christian year. Intensifying our spiritual formation we often read lenten devotional material, give up something in solidarity with Christ’s suffering, and do good deeds for others. We do these things throughout the year, but Lent is a reset. It’s a time to start again. How appropriate then to ask ourselves how do we follow Jesus? The Roberts Park mission gives a path for our formation as disciples. 

Due to Sunday services being cancelled through Easter, there will not be in person Lenten classes. In lieu of this, you may download the notes for the sessions (see link below) and go to the church facebook page to post comments or questions.

Lenten Study Class Notes