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Excitement About Side-by-Side

I want  to thank you for opening up the invitation to Spirit and  Place ~ Side by Side event to me and the other  hosts.  I came home that night with such a sense of  awe.  I have talked about it with so many this  week and each time I have had the excitement and  appreciation in my voice that I felt last Friday  night.  The  display of all the sculptures was amazing.  The way in  which each were enclosed with the black curtains and lights  was so meaningful as I walked from piece to piece.  The  brochures gave such an outstanding understanding of not only  the sculptures but of Timothy Schmalz himself.  I  initially sat and read through the entire handout and  then went through the exhibit.  To see all these sculptures up close and in that setting was  one of the most emotional and thought provoking experiences  I have ever had.  So, so touching to my  heart. The  dinner was fabulous.  I dined with three  Roberts Park members and one guest from Soup’s  On.  Mary and Scott did an outstanding job preparing  the formal dinner and the servers seemed as if  that’s what they do every day. Great  teamwork for all involved.  The music,  art  décor, and transformation of downstairs was amazing  compared to the usual setting on Sundays.  All and all,  very impressive. The  final segment was very touching to me as well.

As  Matthew’s Voices sang, and I looked from face to face,  it was as if seeing the face of a child.  The looks of  being so proud and happy as they  performed. And the sincere smiles when they heard the  applause after each song.  Those were looks you  don’t normally see on adults faces as we get  older.  And to  end with Timothy Schmalz telling all about how he  started and his faith journey with these amazing sculptures  and his life.  The history was fascinating as  he shared his walk with all of us.  Thanks  to Roberts Park, Pastor Andrew and Pastor Melissa. Thank you  to EVERYONE involved in this endeavor.  I know it took  a lot of manpower and hours to put this on  and I know it has touched many  lives.
– anonymous

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