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The Platinum Rule

Please take a moment to watch this advertisement. I am certainly not promoting the Marriott, but I do applaud them for this beautiful ad and for such a thoughtful approach. (insert video)
Marriott International teamed up with mcgarrybowen for a new campaign entitled “Golden Rule.” The campaign focuses on the golden rule (“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,”) championing basic human kindness, respect and dignity in a series of broadcast spots promoting the brand’s above-and-beyond hospitality.

The speaker in the ad says this, “It would great if human beings were great at being human and all of mankind was made up of kind men and kind woman. It would be wonderful if common knowledge was commonly known and if the light from being enlightened to every heart is shown. It would be glorious if neighbors were neighborly and indifference a forgotten word. It would be awesome if we shared everything and being greedy was absurd. It would be spectacular if the golden rule was golden to every man and the good things that we ever did, was everything that we can. Treating others like we would like to be treated has always been our guiding principle.”

“The ‘Golden Rule’ campaign personifies how our associates fundamentally go beyond making one’s bed to making someone’s day,” Marriott International vice president, global brand marketing Paige Francis said in a statement. “Beyond a campaign, this illustrates that the hospitality we deliver can serve as a guiding principle of how all people should treat each other.”
I saw this commercial earlier this week while I was watching television with my husband. It made me stop what I was doing to watch. I thought about it two days later and actually called my husband to ask him what that commercial was advertising and I looked it up on the internet, so I could watch it again. The Golden Rule is a universal message and I especially like how Marriott linked it to their desire to provide hospitality.

Isn’t this the message that we as the church wish to give to the people who come through our doors? Isn’t it our goal that the hospitality that we provide “serves as a guiding principle of how all people should treat each other” no matter where they met or regardless of what life circumstances created the encounter? We only have to pick up the Bible to see that as Christians, as followers of Jesus Christ, “treating others like we would like to be treated has always been our guiding principle.”

It would be wonderful if this beautiful sentiment was not just an idea to sell a product but truly a principle that guided our daily lives. In her book, Filter Shift, author Sara Taylor, proposes that we live not by the Golden Rule but rather the Platinum Rule. Taylor says that the Platinum Rule encourages us to treat others not how we would like to be treated, but how they would like to be treated, because she says what works for us may not work for others. Both the Marriott Ad and Taylor, remind us of the message found in Matthew 7:12; let us take this opportunity to begin living by the Platinum Rule.

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