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Jesus On the Bus

An Invitation from Jim Bushfield, Central District Superintendent

On October 18, at 10:30 am, I invite you to join me at Roberts Park UMC for a conversation about our community. To be fully engaged, please take the bus to get downtown.  We are called to be engaged in our community, but what do you know about our neighbors who rely on public transportation?

If you live or work near a bus line, join us! Take the bus from your home (or area close to your office) to the downtown transfer station, then walk the few blocks to Roberts Park UMC, where we’ll come together to discuss our experiences on the bus and in the community.

Three Simple Steps

1) Figure out your route.

The IndyGo web site gives you all the information you need to know. Plan your route and estimate your time to get on the bus from your area and plan to arrive downtown by around 10 am.  Roberts Park is a four-block walk from the IndyGo Transit Center.

2) Enjoy the ride.

I look forward to meeting new friends on this journey and I hope to learn a lot about my community. How do we do ministry with and for people who depend on public transportation.  I’m guessing almost no one comes to one of our churches on a bus.  Plan to join a social media conversation along our journey on Facebook @Jesusonthebus or Twitter at #Jesusonthebus.

3) Join us at Roberts Park UMC at 10:30am for a meeting with IndyGo Public Outreach staff to discuss the current status and future plans for our community. We will also share our experiences of the day. Following the meeting you may want to join some of your colleagues for lunch before finding your way home. You may join the conversation
without riding the bus, and you’ll be forgiven if you Uber home to save time. That too is part of the learning of the day!

How do I sign up? 

To RSVP, please email The deadline to register is Friday, Oct. 13. 


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