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Mission Guatemala Update – Day 5

Proficiency is the word of the day! We have now gotten “in the groove” and are starting to see the fruits of our labor. Several  members of our group graduated from their initial tasks. Thelma, Melissa, and Megan, for example, were part of a group digging four 39 inch cubed holes. Lisa moved from wire cutting to rebar bending. Dick and Helen are versatile, moving from rebar to wire cutting to removing concrete forms. Sarah is queen of rebar bending, and Jim and Sherry are masters of wire cutting and tying rebar.
The highlight of our lunches has been fresh-made guacamole. We take turns each day and use different recipes, but every variety has been delicious!
After dinner this evening, the caretaker’s family brought crafts to sell in a “no pressure” setting. The street and store vendors can be rather persistent!
We have one more day to get as much done as possible, before we pass the torch to the next group.

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