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News From the Governing Board

Meeting Held April 21, 2018

  • The church is interested in purchasing the parking lot adjacent to the north side of the church. The Governing Board approved an offer to the owner, who is currently evaluating it. Before an agreement is finalized, it will be put to the congregation for approval. A presentation to the Board was made by Ian Hall, INUMC Director of Financial Services and Conference Treasurer, concerning the possibility of incorporating the church. The church would retain its tax exempt status as a 501(C)(3) organization. As a corporation, it would become a separate legal entity apart from the leaders of the church. The main advantage is to protect the leaders of the church from personal financial liability arising from claims against  the church. Mr. Hall suggested we could speak with other Methodist Churches who have recently incorporated and, if we decide to go forward with it, to seek the services of an attorney.


  • Jerry Gillooly, along with his daughters and the recently formed Organ Scholarship Task Force, has drafted the applicant requirements for prospective scholarship awards, starting in May.  Along with basic requirements such as recorded video auditions, a written essay, and letters of recommendation, they will also be asked to come to Roberts Park on one Sunday as a guest organist.  The board approved the application requirements.
    The board has decided to purchase a new church management software system. The name of the system is Realm. One of the main advantages it has over our current Shelby System is that it is “cloud” based, meaning access is obtained through the internet. Another benefit is that church members will have direct access to an online member directory and will be able to edit their own information themselves.


  • Efforts to address the condition of the church roofing  were  discussed. An engineering firm has been hired to assess the condition of the slate roof and the repairs needed. They will perform the examination on May 17.  Also, the flat roof on the Education Wing has had leaking  and a separate engineering firm is planning an assessment  of the source and repairs needed.


  • Pastor Andrew presented the draft of the Associate Pastor Job Description. It will be apart-time position. He expressed his preference for candidates to either have or to be on track to ordination. The document was approved and the interview process has begun.


  • Pastor Andrew presented the draft of a Student Pastor Job Description. He said that this position would be 10 to 12 hours per week. This is also a part-time position lasting two academic semesters.  The position would focus on community development with emphasis on the connection between visitors, members and staff. The board approved hiring a Student Pastor, as funding allows, and using the proposed job description.


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