Welcome! We're glad you're here!

No matter where you are on your life's journey, we hope you find a community here at Roberts Park.
This information below is meant to make your first time visiting go as smoothly as possible. 


What options are there for Sunday services?
On Sundays, worship begins at 10:30 a.m. We are currently worshipping both on campus and online via Facebook and Youtube. Watch our latest sermons and services by clicking here.

What happens during a service?
Worship services include hymns, readings of Scripture, choral singing, messages with contemporary themes, and pipe organ musical accompaniment. Presently, due to the pandemic, singing is limited to a whisper, masks are encouraged, and social distancing is observed. An easy-to-follow printed bulletin is a guide for the service and contains information about activities and upcoming events as well.

Each and every Sunday, we welcome visitors such as yourself. To make this comfortable for everyone, you will not be asked to stand up and introduce yourself or wear a special name tag. It is incredibly important to our community that we are a safe and welcoming community that does not place any undue distress on anyone, particularly newcomers. There are attendance pads located in each row, and we hope you will register your name and contact information.

What about communion?
Roberts Park UMC celebrates communion on the first Sunday of the month. As practicers of an open table, all are invited to commune together. We do not discriminate based on how old or young you are, whether or not you've been baptized or hold a church membership, or for any other reason. When we say all are welcome, we hold firm to the belief that all means all.

Currently, safety protocols have us using pre-packaged elements for those worshipping with us on-campus. These are distributed at the beginning of worship along with the bulletin. Virtual worshippers are encouraged to prepare their own elements of fruit and grain as our table extends beyond the sanctuary.

Ins & Outs

What should I wear?
Come as you are. There’s no dress code. Usual attire ranges from jeans to suits.

Where do I go on Sunday morning when I arrive?
Parking:  Free parking is available in an adjacent parking lot at the corner of Vermont and Alabama  Streets. Free parking is also available on Vermont Street and on Delaware Street on Sunday mornings.  Many people enter through the Vermont Street entrance, which is wheelchair accessible, from the parking lot; others use the doors facing Delaware Street.

Building: Our historic building looks a little overwhelming from the outside, but we think you will love its beautiful features once you see its interior. The building is unconventional by today’s definition in that the chapel is located on the first floor and the sanctuary is located on the second floor, which is accessible by elevator. Signs are easy to follow, and greeters and ushers will be happy to show you the way as well.

The Vermont entrance has a wheelchair ramp. There is an elevator to reach the upper level, where the sanctuary is, and an entrance ramp to the sanctuary.

What about Children?

Children are welcome at all worship services. Children aged 3 and older are invited to join teachers for a fun time of Children Worship & Wonder outside the sanctuary during the normal worship time. The children are dismissed during the first hymn.

In June of 2021, Roberts Park debuted a new weekly Family Fun virtual worship service geared towards children and families. This delightful program is broadcasted on Thursday afternoons. It is hosted on Facebook and YouTube so you can watch it anytime!

What's Next?

Join us for coffee hour!
A casual coffee hour follows the 10:30 a.m. service every Sunday. Roberts Park is a friendly congregation, and you will probably be approached by a few people wanting to introduce themselves and chat a bit as well.

Come back to worship next week!
We hope to see you again soon. There's always something going on here at Roberts Park.

Follow us on social media!
Currently we are on Facebook and Instagram. Follow either or both of our pages for church updates, scripture readings, trivia questions, and more!

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