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What is it that makes someone famous? The answer I think has to do with the special things they have done, the scale of their achievements, the way they stand out from the ordinary and so attract attention from the others. The adulation that modern-day ‘stars’ can come remarkably close to worship, and in a sense, there is a parallel here to our worship of God, for at heart it is about the wonderful things that God has done. To this day, Jewish worship revolves around past events: deliverance from Egypt, the crossing of the Red Sea, manna in the wilderness – and nowhere is this celebration of God’s mighty acts more evident than in the psalms. “Come see what God has done, how awesome his works on our behalf! He turned the waters into dry land so that his people may pass through them on foot. Come rejoice in him” (Ps 66:5) “Sing a new song to the Lord, for he has done marvelous things” (Ps 98:1a) “Give thanks to the Lord of lords, for he alone does great wonders” (Psalm 136:3-4).

If the Psalmist could write like that all those years ago, then how much more cause have we to rejoice today, for we celebrate the coming of Christ, the history of the Church, and our personal experience of the Holy Spirit! Take a moment to remember what God has done, in the world, the Church, and your own life. Reflect on his mighty acts – all he has done is doing and has yet to do. When did you last stop and consider the wonderful things that God has done, both in the creation and throughout history? When did you last take time to reflect on all that God has done in your life? Know this to be true, that same God is active now and will be throughout your whole life. Can we not echo the Psalmist and say, “The Lord has done wonderful things for us and we are glad!” (Ps 126:3) Great is the Lord and supremely deserving of praise; his greatness is beyond measure. One generation will proclaim your works to another; they will l acknowledge your mighty acts. (Ps 145:3-4).

So as we look back in wonder at all that God has done, can we not look forward in confidence, and so we look to you now in worship, through Jesus. Perhaps this can be your prayer this week?

Almighty God you have done more for me than I can ever begin to acknowledge. You have done so much throughout history, more than words can ever fully express. So I come to you once more with a grateful heart. I praise you for the wonder of creation. I thank you for the joy of life, with all there is to delight, fascinate, challenge, and enrich. I rejoice in the new life you have given me in Christ – the hope, strength, peace, and inspiration you grant me each day through him. I praise you for the constancy of your love, the breadth of your purpose, and the awesome extent of your mercy. You have blessed me beyond my deserving, showering me with good things and you still hold the best in-store.Almighty God, for your mighty acts and sovereign deeds, I give you my worship and offer you my life in glad response. Through Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen.