About Quench

“He satisfies those who are thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”  –Psalm 107:9 (GNT)

You lead a busy life, and making time to nurture spiritual growth can be challenging, no matter your age or stage of life. As part of the Quench community, you are invited to meet once each month for an engaging, speaker-led seminar, and in the weeks that follow, choose how you will continue to learn at times and through experiences that are the best fit for you personally.

Quench is organized in “seasons.” Each season, about four months in length, focuses on a theme important to our faith and spirituality. Each month, we explore a different topic related to that theme. The deep well of refreshment that Quench offers is in its approach to learning through active, individually chosen experiences – at home, at church, or in the community. You may choose to participate in one, some, or all of these as an individual, with other Quenchers, or with friends not associated with the church. A workbook helps you keep track of all the opportunities and details.

The current theme and topics for are included on the season schedule below.

Staying Connected

There are many ways a Quench group can stay in touch throughout the season:

  • Face time at Roberts Park is always a good option!
  • An online email group is available just for Quenchers. In addition to receiving information and updates, you can use this contact point to reach out to others to arrange meetups or chat about Quench topics.
  • If you don’t use electronic media, you can opt for a phone buddy who will contact you with Quench news.

Contact the church office at rpoffice@robertsparkumc.org with questions.

Winter/Spring 2020 Schedule: Honoring Creation

February 8:  Creation – Why Should I Believe?

What difference does it make in my life to believe there is a creator of the universe? How does the belief in a creator impact my faith? Join Pastor Scott Tyring in gaining greater insight into how God is depicted as creator in scripture.

March 14:  Creation – What is My Responsibility?

Why am I here on planet earth? Does my life have a purpose? If humans are made in God’s image, what does that mean? What does God expect from me in caring for creation? Join Pastor Andrew Scanlan-Holmes in exploring human responsibility to creation and it creator.

April 4:  Creation – What Lies Ahead?

If our sun will burn out and the earth be destroyed 4-5 billions years from now, with each of us long since dead in our graves, is there any ultimate meaning to life? How does the belief in God as sovereign creator give our lives hope, meaning and purpose? Join Pastor Andrew Scanlan-Holmes and Pastor Scott Tyring in discovering how faith in God as sovereign creator and redeemer bolsters a bright hope for the future.