The majority of our forms can be submitted online. There are several forms that require a physical signature. These are indicated below and can be submitted electronically at or physically at Roberts Park UMC/Shalom Daycare.

If you wish to print the entire enrollment packet and submit it in person or via mail or email, please do so using this link: Printable Enrollment Application

Electronic Forms

For ease of use, the enrollment packet has been split up into several parts to submit individually online. This is because each of the electronic forms must be completed in one sitting. Click on each of the links below to be directed to the online form. When you submit a form, you will receive a confirmation email for your records. Thank you!

Enrollment Agreement (please have insurance and emergency contact information available)

Family and Child Information

Health Form

Procedures and Policies

Infant-Specific Policies (only required if your child is an infant)

Printable Forms

Here is the parent handbook to be printed, read, and signed. Please sign and date the last page and then return it to the program director.

These forms must be printed and submitted either by email, mail, or drop-off.

All Children:

Parent's Notice
Physical Record-- to be completed by the child's physician
Record of Medication Order-- to be completed by the child's physician

Infants Only:

Infant Feeding Plan-- to be signed by the child's physician
Breast Milk Procedure

All Children Printable Forms Infants Printable Forms Supplement